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Vietnamese Food Menu

Houston Vietnamese Food Menu by Pho Long Restaurant.

Tô Lon – Large Bowl….$7.50

Tô Thuong – Regular Bowl….$6.75

Thêm Thit / Bò Viên – Additional Meat or Meatballs, add …$1.00

Any Side Order Meat …$3.00 Extra Soup ….50

You can choose up to 3 combinations of meat in your Pho: (steak, brisket, tendon, tripe, meatball, fatty flank, or crunchy flank) Or
choose from the following orders:Or choose from the following orders:

P1 Dac Biet (Combo-rare steak, brisket, tendon, tripe)
P2 Tái (Sliced rare steak)
P3 Tái Nam (Sliced steak & brisket)
P4 Tái Bò Viên (Sliced steak & meatballs)
P5 Nam (Brisket)
P6 Nam Bò Viên (Brisket & Meatballs)
P7 Tái Nam Gáu (Sliced steak, brisket,and fatty flank)
P8 Tái Nam Vè (Sliced steak, brisket, and crunchy flank)
P9 Pho Bò Viên (Beef Meatballs)
P10 dac Biet Khô (Combo beef with soup on the side)

D1 Café Sua dá – Vietnamese espresso on ice …$3.25
D2 Café Sua Nóng – Hot Vietnamese espresso …$3.25
D3 Café den – Espresso Black on ice …$3.25
D4 Nuoc Dua – Coconut Drink …$3.25
D5 Xi Muoi – Pickled Plum Drink …$2.75
D6 Chanh Muoi – Pickled Lemon drink …$2.75
D7 Nuoc Cam Tuoi – fresh-squeezed orange juice …$3.25
D8 Dá Chanh Soda – fresh-squeezed lemonade …$2.75
D9 Sua dau nành – Soy bean milk …$1.90
D10 Soda – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper …$1.35
D11 Trà dá, Trà Nóng – Hot or iced tea …$1.20
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